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    Restarting Debugger


      I  have an irritating issue with PSoC Creator version 2.2 and PSoC5 running under Windows 7. When I am in one of the editors and want to proceed to debugging I click on the debug icon (looks like an ant) and the software does its own thing (compiling when necessary etc.) and then moves into the debug environment.  The problem is that maybe 60% of the time, it doesn't set the pointer/ProgramCounter to the first instruction in the main procedure, it simply opens a Disassembly tab and seems not to place the ProgramCounter anywhere, or maybe above the first line in the window (I can't tell- there is no yellow arrow). Although I am sure it is irrelevant, the first line in the debugger is:


      0x00000000 <__cs3_interrupt_vector>:


       Trying to run results in indeterminate results. The only way is to click on the Reset icon (double rewind arrow) and sometimes you even need to do that twice. If you are in the disassembly window it will take you to the correct point, but still in the Disassembly tab.


      I have tried to find any pattern as to when I invoke the debugger (like completely build before I start) but I can find no pattern to it.


      Is anyone esle seeing this problem?