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    cgs.exe and ChipLoad.exe

      I'm in trouble with cgs.exe and chipload.exe.


      In SDK2.1.1, I tried to download binary into serial flash in 20736 soc  using cmd tool.

      I already read j.t blog "Programming the 20732S MODULE USING 2073xTAG BOARD".

      With the files in Loader.zip, cgs.exe and chipload.exe work well.

      But when I exchange cgs and btp files, it failed.


      Example is 20737 proximity.

      My command is following:

      1. cgs.exe

      1) Serial Flash :

      cgs.exe test.hex -A -0xF8000000 -B 20737_SFLASH.btp -D . A_20737A1-proximity-rom-ram-spar.cgs

      2) EEPROM : after failure, I changed SFLASH with EEPROM.

      cgs.exe test.hex -A -0xFF000000 -B 20737_EEPROM.btp -D . A_20737A1-proximity-rom-ram-spar.cgs

      --> for both case, Processing cgs files failed.


      2. ChipLoad.exe

      I found .hex file in build folder, so I tried to download .hex file through cmd tool.

      ChipLoad.exe -BLUETOOLMODE -PORT COM5 -BAUDRATE 115200nfc -MINIDRIVER uart_DISABLE_EEPROM_WP_PIN1.hex -CONFIG proximity-BCM920737TAG_Q32-rom-ram-Wiced-release.hex

      and download failed with the message of ":Download 0 code bytes <0.0%> and 0 data bytes <0.0%>. Current state:Terminated with error.


      Could you give me a guidance for this?


      Thank you.

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          did you ensure that pin1 is the write-protect pin of your eeprom? This is the assumption when you use this minidriver during your chipload.exe procedure.

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            if it is not too much to ask, can you copy and paste your procedure? start with the cgs conversion, then follow by the chip download process.

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              Of course it is not too much work to answer.

              There were several steps.

              1. download Loader.zip in the blog.

              2. build proximity in SDK example application and copied several files

                   - I copied all files under Platforms/BCM920736TAG_Q32 into Loader.zip-extracted folder.

              3. open CMD and ran cgs.exe (cgs.exe test.hex -A -0xF8000000 -B 20737_SFLASH.btp -D . A_20737A1-proximity-rom-ram-spar.cgs)

              though pin1 can affect download, but I think it can not affect for the conversion.

              Is there anything else that I missed?

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                -A -0xF8000000 is incorrect. This always needs to be -A -0xFF000000 whether you are downloading to SF or EEPROM.

                The easiest thing to do is to set VERBOSE=1 in your application's make target and then download to the tag. The console will show you the command line parameters the SDK uses for cgs.exe and chipload.exe. You should use the same options.

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                  hi arvinds,


                  when I convert the 20736 cgs to hex file with cgs.exe , it have no error , but no hex file created yet .why ?




                  eric miao

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                    Try adding --cgs-file before the cgs fie parameter.

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