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        ping cypress! is there anyone official here, I've never seen a single reply :(

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          Back in 2014 on this thread Scott Atkins said Linux support was on the Cypress road map. Three years later has there been any progress in that regard? Is it even being worked on anymore? Can we look forward to seeing something in our lifetimes?

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            i don't work at Cypress but support for kitprog is now merged on OpenOCD master branch, i don't know when the new version of OpenOCD becomes available.


            See here https://github.com/azonenberg/openfpga/wiki/UDB-%26-Routing-Examples

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              I hope Cypress is listening.  Microsoft now has Visual Studio on Macintosh, more or less natively.  (www.visualstudio.com/vs/visual-studio-mac/)


              Based on my sketchy reading, it is based on Mono, which they acquired when purchasing Xamarin.  


              I suspect that doing Cypress creator for Mac and Linux just got easier.

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                If you want Linux support, use someone else products. I switched to ST a couple years ago and I'm very happy. They have a whole toolchain available for free and it works perfectly on Linux.

                A Cypress employee has made it clear http://origin-www.cypress.com/forum/psoc-creator-software/any-movement-psoc-creator-linux

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                  Cypress, it would be great with a reply here. As mir @user_37207811 said, switching to NXP or ST is an option of course, but we'd rather see you guys follow the trend and make this available on macOS and Linux using "less closed-source IDE's"

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                    Check iym answer on this another thread Creator for Mac it seems like Creator will be not ported to other OSes but other Cypress tools will.


                    Thinking loud, having a web interface for schematic edition, then downloading the generated code and running command line tools seems like a way to solve the problem.

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                      I've used Windows since Windows 3.0. There have been a few times I've been aggravated by Windows (Vista and 8) but Windows 10 takes the cake. The GUI is great but Windows updates have been absolutely destructive to my development work and continues to be so to the point that I've decided it is worthwhile to move all my dev work to Linux (if only I could!). As Microsoft shifts more to a closed model like Mac a lot of developers will be forced to go elsewhere and it will be interesting to see if Microsoft can remain dominent as IBM lost its dominence in the PC world when they tried to shift to a new hardware architecture that would require their customers to throw away their hardware investments. .


                      Of all the tools I've used in the past few years PSoC Creator has simply worked despite Microsofts feable and ill-fated efforts to make Windows secure. Cypress engineers are to be commended for the high quality they do. I only ran into one issue once and it was quickly resolved.


                      In moving to Linux I've discovered the downside of an open environment and that is products can be poorly documented. A lot of hours have been burned trying to get applications installed and working because documentation is often missing or poor. A lot of it written by experts who write for their peers and not someone new to the environment. The learning curve has been high but the trouble caused by Windows updates has not deterred me in my efforts to move away from Microsoft products. It is good to know that when Cypress moves PSoC Creator to Linux they will be applying the same high standards.

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                        As indicated in earlier posts, CodeWeaver's crossover for mac and linux are a possibility.  Now that Microsoft has frozen their API, it has a real chance.  Crossover (aka wine) is getting *much* better.


                        I was able to install PSoC Creator. I was able to completely build a project.  The schematic editor worked, but was terrible on layout graphics in terms of display.  No drivers are available, so could not load to the PSOC and debug, but it is *so* close.


                        You can buy a lifetime license from CodeWeavers, and at that level ask them to concentrate on making certain programs work better.  This still does not get us to the point where we can debug, but since Cypress uses gdb, there is a possibility.  I don't have the round tuit right now, but it is closer than ever before.  I suspect that Cypress could, with CodeWeaver's help, and a couple of modifications to existing code (note: not full rewrites!) an end user could design, compile, and debug on a mac.  Today, with codeWeavers, you can mostly design the hardware*, completely write code, and fully compile on a mac (and maybe linux?) today.     *with some ugly graphics and ignoring NET errors.


                        Only debug and some graphics are standing in the way, based on my experience from two months ago.

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