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    limited use of psoc5LP

      after a little reading and studying about PSOC 5, I discovered that there are 2x SAR ADC, 1x Del Sig ADC, 1x Sample and hold circuit. This is very small amount of ADC.




      I have 6 sensors, their output is AC signals (sine wave), I want to connect them to psoc5lp and then detect the maximum peak for each signal, then send the peaks values to the computer by UART. Is it impossible to do this tasks thru chip, right?


      Also I need to generate a sine wave this 20khz frequency inside the chip, then connect the signal with an analog pin, which connected to a seventh sensor, after that, re-enter this signal to the chip to do sample and hold on it, is this possible to do on psoc5lp, cy8c888AXi???