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    Fixed Stack OTA update problem (AN97060)

      I have followed the AN97060 PWMExample instructions for building a fixed-stack OTA sample application. There appeared to be two fixes required - (1) main.c: missing underscore in "OTA_Optional.h" (2) ota_optional.c: missing definition of mainTimer. After making these fixes the project built successfully.


      I am installing on a standalone CY8CKIT-142, without a CY8CKIT-042BLE baseboard. I am using CySmart 1.2 and a CY5670 dongle to test.


      CySmart successfully scans the device and allows me to start an OTA upgrade. The upgrade fails on the last step (transfer firmware image).


      The serial debug output is:




      > BLE OTA Fixed Stack Bootloader     Application Started
      > Version: 1.40
      > Compile Date and Time : Aug  1 2017 10:36:57




      > BLE OTA Fixed Stack Bootloadable   Application Started
      > Based on BLE HID Keyboard Example Project
      > Version: 1.30
      > Compile Date and Time : Aug  1 2017 10:45:30


      Bluetooth On, StartAdvertisement with addr: 00a050000508
      EVT_ADVERTISING, state: 3
      CYBLE_EVT_GATTS_XCNHG_MTU_REQ, final mtu= 23
      OTHER event: 33
      EVT_AUTH_REQ: security=1, bonding=0, ekeySize=10, err=0
      AUTH_COMPLETE: security:1, bonding:0, ekeySize:10, authErr 0
      OTHER event: 57
      EVT_ADVERTISING, state: 3




      Workspace archive attached.