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    Invalid connection error



      I'm trying to blink an LED to learn about PSoC, using Pioneer Kit, and Creator 3.0.


      I know there are easier ways to do this...


      I'm using a Counter component.


      Clock_1, 12 MHz, connected to Counter_1 clock input


      Clock_2,  128 Hz, connected to Counter_1 count input


      Counter_1 comp output connected to Digital Ouput pin Pin_Green (P0[2])


      When I attempt to 'Generate Application' I get the following errors:


      mpr.M0119:Invalid connection for clock "Clock_2" connected to "\Counter_1:CounterUDB:count_enable\:main"


      mpr.M0119:Invalid connection for clock "Clock_2" connected to "\Counter_1:CounterUDB:count_stored_i\:main"


      The datasheet for the Counter_v2_40 states that "You can connect any digital signal from any source to the clock/count input.


      Are there some other rules about signal connections between components that I need to refer too?


      Any help would be appreciated.