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    The BUG of CyFiSNP system




      CyFiSNP has a strange behavior.     



      I had been watching the CyFiSNP data packet, and find it.     



      For example, case of using the FTK-3271.     



      Sometime number of message queue is increasing when Hub is busy.     



      When Hub comes ready, message queue is processed and queue will go decreasing.     



      This is a normal process, but decreasing will never stop.     






      Look at this, this is a my data packet dump.     



      Number of remain queue will not stop at zero and repeat it eternally.     



      Waste packets is transmitting forever.     






      ID=1 pre=D rss=8 que=2 dat=17414 : :44 :06 :70  len=3     



      ID=1 pre=D rss=8 que=1 dat=17414 : :44 :06 :71  len=3     



      ID=1 pre=D rss=7 que=0 dat=17414 : :44 :06 :72  len=3     



      ID=1 pre=D rss=7 que=254 dat=17414 : :44 :06 :68 len=3     



      ID=1 pre=D rss=9 que=253 dat=17414 : :44 :06 :69 len=3     



      ID=1 pre=D rss=8 que=252 dat=17414 : :44 :06 :6A len=3     






      I had been checking CyFiSNP module routines     



      But can't get a clue, I can't figured out where this was processed.     



      CyFiSNP system has complex routines     



      So some error still remain, it can't help, I guess     






      However, this is a fatal error, I think     



      Please Investigate it and Fix it.