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    Read latency on CYF0018V

              I read the datasheet and understood the latency is four. But does anyone know which is correct, Dval#1 or DVal#2 for attached image?   
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          Hi Koike,


          The MPN you  have mentioned (CYF0018V) is a single queue 18Meg HDFIFO device which has a single DVal signal. The device supports a read latency of 4.


          In the waveform you have provided, after REN is enabled, clock cycle 1 is when the HDFIFO will register the first read request. With respect to this clock edge, "DVal#2" in the waveform you have provided, is the correct interpretation of device operation.


          Please let us know if any further clarification is required in this regard.


          Thanks & Regards,


          Adithi Murthy Perepu