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    Hello_client/blecen Timer Callback Questions



      To implement some central role functionality on the BCM20737S I'm trying to find out what hello client does with some of the timer callbacks. My goal was to find out how I can detect whether a scan process has ended and I can start a new scan.


      Looking at hello_client_timer_callback() I would guess that BLEAPP_APP_TIMER_SCAN is an event on which the scan type is changed. In the hello_client case it would mean that it stays in LOW_SCAN forever, in other words this seems to be the code I want to keep in my project.


      Another thing that puzzles me is whether the call in hello_client to:

      bleprofile_regTimerCb(hello_client_app_fine_timer, hello_client_app_timer);

      means that from then on only hello_client_app_fine_timer() is called or also the previously registered callbacks in blecen.


      I hope you can help.