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    CYRF69103 help


      I couldn't find a dedicated forum here for the support of Cypress' RF device and that's why posting here. If this is not the proper place, please let the moderator move my post to where it belongs. Thanks for that.




      Looking for some support for the CYRF69103 chip. All I need is to send a four bytes from one device and receive them on another. Ne need of retry strategies or any extras, just the bare communication.


      I would like to ask for an example absolute minimum needed working code how to do that.




      Just some off-topic, related to the matter.


      There used to be a great device some years ago - the CYWUSB6953 chip, but now it doesn't appear in any search here and it is like Cypress is trying to make it look like it has never been made. It had that WUSBLP (I think) software module, which was quite easy to use. I haven't had any need to use RF ever since then and I though the development would have been in a positive direction during the years passed, but for my unpleasant surprise the currently offerred set of RF devices are incredibly complex, yet I can't see any particular benefit over the 6953 model...

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