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    Dvice Compatibility check.

      I just want to confirm that CY8C20434-12LKXI and CY8C20434-12LQXI is same, if not please tell me that it's details of specifications.



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          You will have to ask Cypress for this matter. Create a "MyCase" (Support&Community->Technical Support).


          The "K"-version is obsolete and the "Q" version is a drop-in replacement. But this does not mean that it will work the other way round.





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            There is a package difference -




            CY8C20434-LQXI     4 x 4 mm QFN


            CY8C20434-LKXI     5 x 5 mm QFN




            Regards, Dana.

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              I have firmware project with CY8C20434-LKXI and Hardware contains CY8C20434-LQXI.


              Unable to program target device, error occures.


              Programmer Error: Unable to find device please check connection of programmer with device.


              When i creating new project, device catlog not contain CY8C20434-LQXI part.


              Please suggest solution.





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                You would have to use an older version of PSOC Designer to get to the version


                that supported your part of interest.




                I would post a CASE and ask if LQXI is a valid part, if so then Designer


                has an omission and Cypress should know that. Otherwise those


                packages, LQXI and LKXI appear to be obsolete.








                To file a tech case -








                “Technical Support”


                “Create a MyCase”




                Regards, Dana

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                  Dana, Have you got any reply from cypress?





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                    I did not file a tech case, recommendation was for you to do that.




                    Regards, Dana.

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                      I have alredy file a tech support a case, they told me to download PSoC 5.4 Designer and clone LKXI project in LQXI part.


                      I have done all this things and able to clone LKXI project in LQXI. 


                      But main problem remains unchanged: unable to find device , please check connection of device with programmer.



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                        So what remains not quite clear for me is: What is your actual target device you want to program? the "K" or the Q" device.





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                          Odd, I opened programmer and the CY8C20434-12LQXI your desired target (and the -12LKXI) are


                          in the programmer catalog. Are you meeting programming interface specifications ?










                          Regards, Dana.

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                            The CY8C20434-12LQXI is a "Drop-in replacement" which means it is electrically and logically (pinout) the same as the "K" version. Designer "knows" the chip, but seemingly the programmer cannot contact the chip correctly. Can you check for or even upload shematics of the connections you made to the ISSP - pins?


                            Who powers the chip?


                            Are you using a MiniProg? What are the settings?


                            As Dana said there is a difference in chip-size. Can it be that there is a soldering-problem with the different housing?





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                              Details of projects.


                              1]Softwres Used- PSoC Designer 5.2, PSoC Programmer 3.14.


                              2]Hardware Used- Miniprogrammer.


                              3]Device Used/Target- CY8C20434-12LQXI.


                              4]Firmware with-CY8C20434-12LKXI (As CY8C20434-12LQXI not avilable in PSoC designer 5.2).


                              5]Programmer Settings-


                                     Protocol- ISSP.   Voltage-5V. Verification-On.


                                     Programming Mode -Reset for external power supply and Power cycle for Power throug ISSP.




                                             | FAILED! Can not Acquire Device! Please verify the device connection to the Programmer
                                             Please, check the following items:
                                               - the connection between the programmer and the PSoC;
                                              - the correct programming protocol is selected;
                                              - the correct connector option is selected.


                              After Cypress Techsupport Case:


                              I updated Designer to 5.4 version. Created Firmware with CY8C20434-12LQXI and targat is CY8C20434-12LQXI.


                              But still same error occures.


                              @Dana: 5.4 has both 'Q' and 'k' , 5.2 have only 'k'.


                              @BOB- No soldering issues as target is as per footprint given in package diagram.


                              Attached is zip of schematic connection of controller with ISSP.


                              Hope you understand all things.





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                                You have seen the guidelines here -










                                Did Cypress respond to you CASE ?




                                Regards, Dana.

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                                  Based on your schematic I think you have data (SDA) and SCL reversed on your


                                  header -





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                                    Sorry, my mistak in shematic, interchanged SDA & SCL pins.


                                    But it is correected in original design, so no issues.


                                    As mention above cypress respond to my case, just they told me to update designer version.


                                    They working with me slowly, Hope for good results,





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