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    signal conditioning

      A sinusoid having amplitude 100mv and frequency 1khz is an input from function generator to PSOC. Using capacitive buttions, I want that after reset, amplitude become 0 volt; by pressing positive button amplitude increase by 100mv and negative button will decrease amplitude by 100mv. Moreover, using slider at 50% position, the offset will become zero; at 0% position, offset become -1 volt, and at 100 %, the offset is +1volt. The output should be shown on oscilloscope. How this can be accomplished using PSOC3?

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          Basically you would use a DAC as the offset to an OpAmp summer that


          is passing the generator signal. This would be an offset between


          ground and Vdd, so now you have to use 1 external OpAmp with a


          negative supply and a fixed offset to shift the PSOC developed signal


          so it is symmetrical about ground. This is nothing more than another


          summer, but external.




          There are a number of ways to develop - supplies, see attached, as


          well as various charge pumps, switchers, etc.. TI, NSC, Philips, On,






          Regards, Dana.

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            You might also look at audio amps, as they have a power output stage,


            thermally and current protected, are consumer cheap, and have OpAmp


            like front ends in many versions.




            Regards, Dana.