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    Maximum Transfer speed of FX2 in Win PC??

      I have Cypress USB EZUSB FX2 Development kit and I tried the bulk loop example, I am trying to evauluate the connection speed of the EZUSB FX2.


      I dint change much of the code, and I just add a timer to measure how much bytes could be transfered in 1s.


      To my suprise, I could only achieve about 38kByte/s (300 kb/s), which is very slow compare to advertised speed of 12Mb/s


      May I know what could be wrong? or what configuration do I need to make to make it faster???
      or this is the fastest speed that could be achieved?


      My configuration is the same as default program;


      Sending and receiving data of 512 byte per transfer

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          FYI:FX2 is high speed capable device which can support 480Mega bits per sec signalling rate.In pratical conditions with bulk transfers it can acheive 40Mega bytes per sec if there is no other application is running in your host.


          Please use streamer example provided with cy3684 DVK http://www.cypress.com/?rID=14321




          you can get the streamer example firmware in the path "C:\Cypress\Cypress Suite USB 3.4.7\Firmware\CyStreamer"




          you can find the host application from the path "C:\Cypress\Cypress Suite USB 3.4.7\CyAPI\examples\Streamer"







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            The link you gave to me, I  have downloaded the DVK kit setup, but I cant find the Streamer firmware


            I could only see sample firmware as shown below;














            Where can I get the streamer firmware?? 

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               Streamer app and firmware can be found after installing SuiteUSB from here: http://www.cypress.com/?rID=34870





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                 Yup, I downloaded from there, and I have problem when I installed the CY-Streamer firmware


                The USB Control Center will not recognise the USB anymore!


                But, I could see it in my device manager as


                Cypress EZ-USB Streamer Example Device(


                I try to run the Streamer application, and I cant start as it detects NULL USB device!


                I try to change the driver using the driver from this location


                ..\Cypress Suite USB 3.4.7\Driver\bin\wlh\x64


                But, my device manager will says


                Windows could not find the driver software for your device,
                If you know the manufacturer of your device, you can visit its website and check the support section for driver software


                So I changed the driver again now, I am using



                I have no problem detecting it in my device manager, as it indicates


                Cypress EZ-USB Streamer Example Device(


                But, the USB control center is not able to detect it!




                I have no problem using both of these drivers when I try to use Bulkloop!
                This happens only when I am using the Streamer firmware!


                I tried solving from this link




                But, it doesnt solve my problem...




                Any idea hwo to solve this??

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                  Can you please send the screen shot of the device manager which is showing this message?




                  Is there any warning mark (in yellow color)on the side of the device in device manager?




                  Can you see the VID/PID of the device in device manager?







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                     Thanks Vikas!


                     I have attached the screenshot here (I have zipped them and there is 5 images inside, I cant upload image here)


                    Image 1.jpg


                    > This is the No EEPROM I have no problem reading in device manager and USB control center


                    Image 2.jpg


                    > Once I have installed the Streamer firmware using the USB Control Center, the firmware file I got is from here (..\Cypress Suite USB 3.4.7\Firmware\CyStreamer\CYStream.hex)


                    > I cuold see a yellow sign, and it says no driver found


                    > I click it and update driver and browse my computer for driver source.


                    Image 3.jpg


                    > I used the driver in (..\Cypress Suite USB 3.4.7\Driver\bin\wlh\x64)


                    > I got the following error Windows was unable to install your CY-Stream...


                    Image 4.jpg


                    > I used the driver in (..\CY3684_EZ-USB_FX2LP_DVK\1.0\Drivers\cyusbfx1_fx2lp\wlh-win7\x64)


                    > I could install it, and I could see the name is correct in Device manager but Control Center doesnt show up anything, you could see the VID = 04B4 and PID = 1003


                    Image 5.jpg


                    > I try installing the bulkloop firmware, I have no problem with it, I could send and receive data, and Control center could detect it!




                    ANy idea how to solve this?

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                              Hi 3. the driver in the path (..\Cypress Suite USB 3.4.7\Driver\bin\wlh\x64 does not have any VID/PID . Before using these drivers you have to modify the inf files and then use those drivers. 4.Use USBLYZER a free software http://www.usblyzer.com/download.htm. After installing open the usblyzer and on the left side of the screen you can see the devices just like in the device manager. Click on the CYSTREAM(after programming with streamer firmware). Check whether you can see all the descriptors or not. Just for confirmation are you using the DVK or your own board? Please try with the firmware attached. Regards, Vikas.   
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                         Thank you very much for your support again!


                        After installing the new firmware that you sent to me I could see the device in USB Control Center!


                        and I could run the Streamer application!


                        I guess the installation files in Suite USB 3.4 does not has the latest firmware?? or something wrong with it!




                        I have tested the speed! I could get up to  24600 KB/s (~24.6 MB/s) with 128 packets per transfer!


                        May I know do you have application note for Streamer??? I couldnt find it!


                        I have few questions about this Streamer application + firmware


                        i) is this app just sending/receiveing (bulk out/bulk in) data from PC to FX2???


                        ii) may I know why the example in bulkloopback is way slower than this Streamer?? isnt that both using bulk mode too???








                        My next step is to interface it with my STM32F2xx chip!

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                          I think you are not using the DVK or you might have removed the LED display on the board. Tha's the board was not working with the firmware provided with the DVK contents. The firmware waits for ever untill it gets response from I2C slave(led display).




                          In the attached firmware i have removed that part. That's why it is working.




                          1. This application keeps on sending the data to the device or keep on receiving the data from the device




                          2.As we don;t have your host application I cannot comment on that. In the streamer firmware the CPU keeps generating the data and and commit the data to the USB core. but in the BULK loop once the  host send data it will copy the data to the IN endpoint buffer and then it will commit. if the host does not send any data you cannot read it from IN endpoint.




                          I recommend you to go through the firmware of both streamer and bulkloop. 




                          Please refer the app note http://www.cypress.com/?rID=12967.




                          For STM32F2 refer the link http://www.cypress.com/?app=forum&id=167&rID=100477







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                             Thank you very much for your great support!


                            I am using this (link below)




                            Sorry, it is in Japanese! i am based in Tokyo

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                               Hi ,




                              This is not the DVK provided by Cypress.It seems to be provided by some third vendor You can get the DVK details provided by Cypress in the following link http://www.cypress.com/?rID=14321.




                              In the DVK that you are using it seems there is only FX2LP chip and EEPROM. It doesnot have the LED display which is on CY3684 DVK.This is reason for this issue.