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    Only positive value output from voltage follower. What's wrong with it? Thank you!

       Hello everyboby,


      I'm trying to use voltage follower in my system. But I find that no matter what input signal inputs to voltage follower, only positive part can be output from voltage follower.  I'm confusing that if I set the voltage follower in wrong way or if there are some other setting of the board. 


      Here is the detail of my experiment:


      I just used a voltage follower whose input+ is port 0[2] and output is port 0[1].


      I also set the power of voltage follower to 'High power'.


      In my code, I add 'Opamp_1_Start();' into for loop. 


      the input signal is sine wave with 1kHz, 1 Vpp and 0 offset. 


      But the output of voltage follower only have the positive-value part shown in attached picture. 


      I really want to know what's wrong with it? Thank you so much!