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      • 45. Re: PSoC5LP: Oscilloscope, Logic Analyser, Signal Generator

        Not sure why Rao has that - ADCin connection to a pin other than to


        check it is biased up. After all anything you connect to that pin is


        looking into Zo of the OpAmp, which is << 1 ohm, not exactly a usable


        scope input Z.




        If Rao wanted a diff input then he should have put a 1M or so R between


        OpAmp out and A/D - input, pin connected to that junction. Then Zin is


        governed by that R and A/D Zin.




        I think you set up A/D for single ended operation, and level shift the


        input to get a symmetrical CM range at scope input. Some possible


        methods attached. Not accurate unless Vdd is accurate, or there


        are methods to gen a - Voltage to run an OpAmp on split supplies,


        then use that to condition and shift input.




        Regards, Dana.

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          I followed all the instructions and did my best for the oscilloscope part. But the function calls for display of sampled values doesnt execute. For some reason (I dont understand), only the function calls for draw text and draw objects execute.


          See attached zip file. Thanks




          PS: Upgrading my version of PSoC creator was a huge mistake. This is because the libraries and example codes for Mikromedia for PSoC 5LP were written for PSoC 3.1 alone.

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            You need to enable global interrupts with this call








            You have it commented out in main()




            Regards, Dana.

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              I am so sad that I could not use a PSoC for my project despite all the advantages I read about before I bought one. No one could give me ACCURATE advice on its usage. I bought the board for nothing. I've had to resort to PIC 18F4550 which I previously thought was a lesser device (in capabilities) compared to PSoC5LP.


              It seems the guys at Cypress don't know their products well enough. Looks like everyone who knew Cypress's products (like Achuth Rao and Anush Shet) are no more working with them. Cypress needs to train staff or recruit new ones who know about their products. The guys at the Developers Forum (like Hli and Danaknight) seem to know much more than those who handle My Cases. They can even open admission into PSoC Academy to non-staff who are interested in PSoCs.


              In all, I'm convinced IT WAS A MISTAKE TO ATTEMPT TO USE A PSOC!




              Maybe when I understand the PSoC better on my own, I will try to use it again.




              A big Thank you to everyone who attempted to help in the ways they could especially Hli, Danaa, and Bob Marlowe. Thanks a lot for all you've helped me realise and learn through this process. I have ported to PIC, it's simpler to understand. Hope our paths cross again in life's endeavours.



              • 49. Re: PSoC5LP: Oscilloscope, Logic Analyser, Signal Generator

                Sorry to loose your business. Not sure what happened here but from another


                perspective I consider the direct Cypress guys my goto for issues I cannot


                handle, many I might add.




                There are documentation issues that are getting resolved, so the datasheet and


                TRM we see today is much better than 1 and 2 years ago. I consider PSOC in the


                ASIC realm. There is so much capability no one is a master of it all. Like the teams


                today, 20 or more, that do high end ASIC design, PSOC has the same challenges.




                By the way, not many yet worked with the DFB as a separate engine inside PSOC


                3 / 5LP, but having another high speed core running parallel inside PSOC that can


                be used for other work besides digital filtering still an undiscovered asset.




                Regards, Dana.

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                  PSoC 5LP is powerful enough even to digitize, display and transfer to PC Full HD video.
                  Later I'll upload some pics.
                  So, it's only a question of your electronic and programming skills.






                  • 52. Re: PSoC5LP: Oscilloscope, Logic Analyser, Signal Generator

                    johnotu, As Bob mentioned, you can get all these parts, chip, development board and Expansion board from various vendors. I checked Digi-Key and Mouser and they keep all of them in stock. I'm not sure where you are but I hope they can ship to your area. I assume you have a solder oven to solder the TQFP surface mount chips, but if you don't have access to such an oven, I like to prototype on the Schmartboard EZ series which makes it easy to hand solder surface mount components by hand. But I would definitely start with just the Cypress development kit which has everything you need to get started out of the box.

                    • 53. Re: PSoC5LP: Oscilloscope, Logic Analyser, Signal Generator

                      I make boards that provide video, camera, Ethernet connectivity, Serial connectivity, Data Logging and an Iridium Satellite data modem from a single PSOC5.  And Im not very good at it. Ive used many other chips and still do, But I find the POC very versatile. Ill agree that the documentation sucks and is even getting worse but so is everyone elses. Bt it is a good chip and Ive had little problems with them.

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