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    command line documentation for Cypress tools


      I'm new to PSoC tools, and I am looking for documentation on the command line options, especially for cyhextool.


      Keil seems to have a good set of help files for their compiler - but where do I find them for Cypress's tools?


      For instance, what does this command actually do (besides create the intel hex file)?


      cyhextool -o ./psoc_loader.hex -f ./psoc_loader.ihx -prot ./Generated_Source/PSoC3/protect.hex -id 1E028069 -a EEPROM=90200000:800,PROGRAM=00000000:10000,CONFIG=80000000:2000,PROTECT=90400000:40 -meta 0301 -cunv 00004005 -wonv BC90ACAF -ecc OFF -blver 0000010001 -blcks ./cksmaddress.txt -blsize ./sizeaddress.txt -flsLine 256 -endian b


      What is -id


      What does -a do? Section sizes and lengths?


      What is meta


      What is cunv


      What is wonv


      what is ecc


      what is blver


      what is blcks (something to do with the address of the checksum variable, I know)


      what is blsize (something to do with address of the size of the boot loader, but what does this option do)


      What is flsLine (maximun characters per line?)


      I assume endian b means big endian format, but for what source or destination?