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    PSOC 4 De-Multiplexer SPIM UDB Component Timing issues ????


       Hello Folks,


      I have a second problem which i think needs a seperate thread.




      I got a SSD1306 OLED Display running connected to a PSOC 4. 


      Now i wanted to connect two. Yes I know the SPI Bus is able to control more than one Device. but the displays i have dont have a chip select input -.- its really sad. so i thought its running via SPIM_UDB so i would hook MOSI and SCK to two de multiplexer and then switch between them with a control register. The D/C and RESET pins i control already seperate.


      NOPE not working. I got a dissortet Transmission and also missing bytes while Data transmit to the RAM. Then i thought i could use a analog switch but the editor dislikes my idea.




      Are there any possibilities to do that ? Maybe that my port choosing is not quite effective for the demux.


      Ah, if i rewire the ports in the TopDesign each Display works seperately . ( if i hookup each set of pins directly to the UDB component).  


      here the connection chart:


      SCK_1 = 1.5




      RST_1= 1.3


      D/C_1 = 1.2




      SCK_2 = 0.1




      RST_2= 4.3


      D/C_2 = 4.2

          Ah the SCB SPI component is occupied by a non working rfid reader which i mentioned in a seperate thread.   
          Thank You for opinions