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    PSoC4 support in OpenOCD

      Hi all,


      let me announce that PSoC4 family is now supported in OpenOCD.


      OpenOCD is a multiplatform on-chip debugger. It can be used as a gdb server with gdb-derived debuggers. OpenOCD can drive most of standard JTAG/SWD adapters, like J-Link... For more info see http://openocd.sourceforge.net/


      PSoC4 support includes SWD debugging (almost standard Cortex-M0) and a driver for flash programming. This features were integrated very recently so PSoC4 support is available only in a git version for the moment. I'll let you know when a suitable Windows and Linux binary will be released.


      OpenOCD can help in following scenarios:

      • PSoC4 debugging with Linux PC or an embedded Linux powered system

      • PSoC4 debugging over local or wireless network

      • PSoC4 debugging using a standard or special SWD adapter




      To Cypress: I hope you do not consider this announcement as spoiling your business with MiniProgs and PioneerKits. I'm sure that an open-source alternative can boost wider spreading of your innovative chips in students communities.


      If Cypress wishes to support our open source project please let me know.