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    update manager shows 'network error' for CY8CKIT-059 Kit 1.0

      Although all the other software packages appear Ok, the Cypress Update Manager shows "Network Error" for the CY8CKIT-059 Prototyping Kit 1.0 Rev. ** package.. 


      when I click on the error I get the message:   "Unable to get updates from update server. Please check for network connections / Contact Cypress Support"


      Is this particular server down, or do I need to do something manually to correct this issue?

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          I have the same note for some of my (older) kits, probably no software updates for those kits were ever planned.





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            I was also running into a similar situation on Windows 10.     I used Cypress Update Manager to attempt to uninstall the Peripheral Driver Library v2.1.0 and 3.x.x (obsolete versions) when it automatically "popped up" a notice of a newer version.    Those uninstall attempts failed with a "Network Error" message displayed in the update manager main window next to the package name.


            I fixed the problem by exiting the update manager, then restarting it from the Start Menu.   Then remove operation then worked.


            The root cause here is probably one of the update manager not having sufficient permissions when invoked as a pop-up.


            Cypress, you should detect this situation and restart automatically requesting administrator group permissions.    The need to do this is a natural consequence of Microsoft's security measures restricting administrative privilidges.  communityadministrator

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