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    PSoC Creator Schematic Questions


      Hi All,


      I am up to my elbows in a design project and so far have found PSoC Creator to be fairly productive (actually it's better than any other programmable logic vendor software I have EVER used in most respects).


      I am very experienced with much more capable design tools (Altium Designer - in the interest of full disclosure I work for Altium during the day, but this post is purely to get some help with my current PSoC4 project).


      I must admit I am finding the schematic editor quite limited and difficult to work with. I did eventually by trial an error figure out how to change the template to be 11x17 which is much better.


      But I still have a few newb questions (hopefully there's a good answer!):

      • Is it possible to have multiple sheets in one project? I cannot seem to create any other sheets but the top level.
      • Why are some document parameter fields read only? (eg. Created By - I started my design from a reference design which was created by cypress, but it's evolved to the point where I feel I can truly call it my own but I am unable to edit this field).
      • Is it possible to use an external schematic tool like Altium Designer which I am already very experienced with in order to be more productive, and then bring this in as a Verilog netlist for the project as an alternative to using the Cypress schematic editor which, to be honest, is a bit like having one hand tied behind my back?
      • What is the file format of the Psoc creator schematic editor? If it's based on ViewLogic or Mentor Logic I might be able to translate back and forth between PSOC creator and Altium Designer...
      • Does Cypress ever plan to build a plugin for AD to link it's schematic editor with PSoC Creator? (no need to answer this - it's a gentle suggestion).



      Ben J.