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    Cy7c67300 on-chip is dead, how to reset it.

       hi, i have a problem about cy7c67300 work in coprocessor mode.


      normally cy7c67300 work fine, but sometimes cy7c67300  look like dead. i use cy7c67300 in coprocessor mode, use HPI read its register, normally mailbox interrupt is order, but sometimes HPI Status Port register bit 8 is 1, it indicate Mailbox in flag, so , i think Cy7c67300 on-chip is dead, it can't read from the HPI Mailbox register , the interrupt can't clear , and  my application can't work.


      i wan't to konw , on this occasion , what can i do ,. i want to reset it, but i don't konw  how to do it.


      i hope to get your help ,thank you!