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    PSoC Creator 2.1 SP4 Linker Order Setting




      I understand that we can generically control the build order using the Build Settings/Build Order options in PSoC Creator. I am wondering if there is a way to control the settings for the Linker (arguments) files/options? That is not just the linker options (flags) themselves but also the order of the object files that are fed into the Linker.  


      We have a project such that main.obj is showing up in the middle of the linker command and we need main.obj to be the first argument of the linker. Using the build settings do not appear to change the order of main.obj. We believe that this is throwing "REFERENCE MADE TO UNRESOLVED EXTERNAL" errors. We checked our header files and our use of extern so the dependacies appear to be all in order and free of circular includes etc... 


      We are using PSoC Creator 2.1 SP4 with Keil DP8051 9.03. Any help would be highly appreciated. The odd thing is that the project compiles OK in PSoC Creator 2.2 without any changes to the build settings. 


      Thank you, 



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          Just out of curiosity why using such an old version of Creator ?




          The current rerlease is 3.1 SP3, 3.2 beta, imminent.




          Each release has bug fixes, enhancements.




          Regards, Dana.

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             Hi Dana, 


            I suppose you could say it is the "path of least resistance" as of now. We are supporting a MFi (Made For iPhone) customer product that was claimed to have been developed in 2.1. We are upgrading the product from iAP1 to iAP2 (iPhone Acessory Protocol) which will require us to at least use PSoC Creator 2.2. at minimum. We wanted to test that the production code handed to us compiles "out of the box" in 2.1 and flashes/operates on the product correctly before upgrading it to 2.2 because everyone that originally worked on the code is long gone and unavailable. As you can tell our out of the box expeirence is not in our favor thus far. So we need a sanity check on what has been handed to us. We have the Cypress Music Creation Development Kit which was also developed on Creator 2.2 so that is our baseline. Once we get things verified/validated we will look into upgrading to creator 3.1.


            I hope that makes sense :)









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              Understand, pretty much explains rapid technology change issues


              we all face.




              Maybe Bob Marlowe can comment on link order, if not file a CASE on this -








              To create a technical case at Cypress -








              “Technical Support”


              “Create a Case”




              You have to be registered on Cypress web site first.




              Regards, Dana.

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                 Thanks Dana. I just submitted a long winded MyCase. We have been working with a Cypress FAE who suggested we do the same.