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    Copper PAD as Cap Sensor




      I need to install three input switches corresponding to which there are three LEDs that show the status of the switches.


      I was certain to use macanical switches. But just got to know a bit more about the CAP SENSE capability of PSoc chips.


      So m thinking to give a try to the CAPSENSE version.




      Simplified scenario...


      There's a PCB containing three LEDs


      Above the LED is 1mm thick diffusing epoxy


      Above the epoxy is 1mm transparent glass. The user will touch this glass.


      I want to make the capsense pads just below the LED. Size of pad is approx 4mmx2mm


      A 3D photo is attached for better understanding.




      Am I thinking in the correct direction or am I incorrect in the approch?


      I have zero experience with cap sense.


      Please help/guide...