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    psoc 4 and labview

       Hello everyone


      I am completely new to psoc environment and i have to do a task based on psoc 4 and Labview. The main idea is , the psoc 4 CY8CKIT-042 pioneer kit is used to count the values from the Geiger counter and display the count on Lcd. As the psoc 4 kit is used to count the values and display it on Lcd, now i have  to transfer those counts to the Labview in PC and later display the respective counts in Labview. And i have only a basic idea about Labview. So i am posting this post to get the help from this forum, so that i can do the project with your help. Please suggest me how to do this task.


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          You could use an UART component on the PSoC side and connect Rx and Tx to the KitProg on the pioneer kit. The UART data will use the USB-interface and you will see an emulated com-port on the PC side which you can use with LabView, Hyperterminal or PuTTY. Look at this thread for wiring the UART on pioneer.





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            The LabView web site has training vides you can learn their


            software from.








            The same is true for PSOC, the 101 series for starters -








            Regards, Dana.

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              To connect to LabView in PSOC -




              1) Use UART, thats easiest interface and ease of configuration


              2) Use USB, more difficult, possibly USBUART in PSOC.




              To use UART you would need an RS232 translator to convert PSOC


              TTL signals to RS232 levels for PC.




              Regards, Dana

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                I tried to transmit a Psoc 4 project (which is already displaying data on  a LCD) to pc using UART and i'm failed to do. Can anyone provide me a sample project for transferring a working project on LCD to PC using  UART.


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                  Post your project so forum can take a look at complete picture -








                  “File”                                                             Creator


                  “Create Workspace Bundle”




                  Regards, Dana.

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                    This is my project (attached zip file), which used to count the radiation using Geiger counter and displays the counter values on the Character LCD. So now i want to display the counters from the LCD to PC using Comm port (Hyper terminal or Putty). So i need help in transferring the data from Psoc 4 to PC using UART and make the counter values display on comm port. Please help me with this problem.


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                      The basic approach -




                      1) Place a Tx UART




                      2) Start UART




                      3) Convert counter value to a string using nano library sprintf()








                      http://www.cypress.com/?id=4&rID=87354 newlib-nano     -u_printf_float     command line linker to enable library




                      Use attached to create formatting string for sprintf conversion.




                      Declare char array say 20 chars to hold output of sprintf()




                      4) Use PrintString() API of UART to transmit string




                      5) Remeber to set PC UART and PSOC 4 UART to same baud rate, stop bits, no flow control.....




                      There are sample projects to look at, Creator Start page. "Find Example Projects"




                      Regards, Dana.