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    Simple_UART Component for PSoC 4

      In the interest of using a UART without the overhead of a fully-featured SCB component, may I present the Simple_UART component?


      Feedback is appreciated.  What features do you like?  What do you miss from the SCB?




                    This is a zipped archive.  To add it to your project, first extract the CYWA_Simple_UART_v1_0.cycomp.  Then, in PSoC Creator, go to the Workspace Explorer dock and click the vertical Componentstab.  Right click your Project '<myProj>'->, Import Component.... Select Import from archive: radio button. Press... button to do a file search for the archive. 
      Now the component will be  on your
      Component Catalog dock, on the Community tab. 
      By default, Creator doesn't trust Customizers that don't come from Cypress, so you may have to add the component directory to a whitelist.  Titlebar menu 
      Tools -> Options... -> Design Entry -> Component Security