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    Missing Counter16 TC Interrupt

      I'm using the PSoC1 as essentially a multi-channel frequency counter using 16-bit counters to count frequencies from 10kHz to 100kHz.  Hardware-wise, the Enables of the counters are tied to Vcc, and the clock/count input is tied to the frequency to be counted to allow direct pulse counting.  There is some calculation involved using the starting counter value, the ending counter value, and the number of times the counter has rolled over between samples.  The problem arises from input frequencies greater than the counter period.  On occasions where the counters rollover twice between samples, the second rollover is failing to be accounted for, leaving the final frequency count a full counter period less than its actual frequency.


      I think my problem arises from the fact that I'm running the frequencies to be counted into the clocks of the counters.  I believe this limits the interrupt response time, causing the missed TC count increment.  I simply need confirmation if this is the case.