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    Relative Path Directory

      Our company uses SVN system and everybody checks project out to different directory. I need to add relative path to Build Settings-> Compiler->General->Additional Include Directories in PSoC Creator. . What should  its format be?. I m giving example of IAR Workbench.
      "$PROJ_DIR$\..\..\folder name\foldername" this format is IAR relative path directory ,how can I do same thing for PSoC Creator.

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          In "Project", "Build Settings", "Assembler" there is the ability to add paths.


          Check the box "Create Relative Paths" and type your path and the entry


          will be modified relative to the project directory for you.




          Regards, Dana.

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            I have already done so but lets say my project files in the directory D:\project\folder name\folder name.If I used the procedure you said, directories in assembler are defined exactly  "D:\project\folder name\folder name". But if I moved to project file another directory such as desktop , my current directory become "C:\Users\username\Desktop\project\folder name\folder name". my  compiler doesnt see my header files since defined directories changed. Therefore  I need adaptable directory path that bold path are common but  other path should be changed if I moved my project file to another directory.


            I need a format like "$PROJ_DIR$\..\..\folder name\foldername"  that I have given in first comment.

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               I received this message from technical support. I post it to help someone who deals with same issue.
              Hello Samet, Relative path setting in "Additional Include directories" is with respect to the project directory. So once you give the relative path for a project, then the directory should always be at the same relative path with respect to project. So when you are moving the project to a different location, even the added directory should be moved along with the project. If the project is moved, but the added directory is not moved, then PSoC creator does not recognizes the directory. For example: Let Library be the additional directory that is added to project. PSoC Creator remembers it as, ..\..\Library where ..\ is the path relative to the project directory. If you are dynamically changing this path, say for example currently its in C:\Users\bskg\Documents\RelativePath\Library and then you change it to, C:\Users\bskg\Desktop\Library PSoC Creator will not add this directory. So, you have to do this manually in build settings. I will be suggesting this enhancement to our software team to add this in the future releases. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Thanks, Keerthi