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    Cypress BLE code needs includes to be included (?)


      Hello Cypress World:


      While trying to determine why the Cypress BLE function CyBle_DissSetCharacteristicValue() was not working, it was discovered that the function CyBle_GattsWriteAttributeValue() was not working because of unknown types as shown in the attached image.


      After investigating the Cypress BLE code, it was determined that two header files need to be included in the header files as given below:


      BLE_StackGatt.h needs to include "BLE_Stack.h" after (or before) “cytypes.h” as:


      #include "cytypes.h"


      #include "BLE_Stack.h"




      BLE_StackGattDb.h needs to include "BLE_StackGatt.h" after (or before) “cytypes.h” as:  


      #include "cytypes.h"


      #include "BLE_StackGatt.h"  






      1. Is this the preferred correction?


      2. How is this correction made permanent so the correction is not overwritten by the Cypress compiler?


      Thank you,


      Tim Ball


      TDB Consulting