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    question: ferrite beads for PRoC module


      Hello All,


      I am just starter working with PRoC, so please excuse me for maybe trivial question but could you help me to understand why specification (CYBLE-022001-00 ) said that one of two ferrite beads need to be used for power supply of the module ( see picture attached ), and why only this specific ferrite BLM21PG331SN1D from Murata need to be used? 


      so in general my questions are:


      a) What use cases of module drive to use single or double ferrites?


      b) Why this specific Ferrite need to be used? Is it related to FCC to provide necessary filtering for the radio?  If the filters could be used different and if yes which parameters are critical? 




      Even if the module is very small 1cm x 1cm in application I have to guarantee the additional space for those ferrites so please help me to understand the background of this proposal.


      Thank you very much