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    PSoC 4 BLE communication with pc java application

      Hi Everyone,


      I am starting to develop a communication system by Bluetooth between the PSoC 042 BLE and a Java application in my pc. I already programmed an app to android and another one to pc ( both programmed in Java) to communicate to each other, and It worked very well. But I got stuck at developing  Bluetooth in C/C++ language for PSoC. I already ran the "find me" example and tried It with my tablet and pc( with dongle only) and It worked great. But as soon as I want to develop my own applications, I need to comprehend the pc client side.


      My doubts:


      - For bluetooth protocols It is necessary an address( similar to URL) defined by server ( in my case I want the PSoC to be). Where can I configure It?


      - What is the default procedure to an external device connect as client to PSoC 4 BLE ( as a server)?


      - What is the difference between using the red little shield and the black little shield that comes with the PSoC BLE 042?


      - There is some example in Java that I can see to understand the default procedure?