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    PsoC 5lp and sd card, problems with emfile example project

      Hi community,


      I want to use a micro sd slot for my project and for testing purposes I firstly tried the emfile example project. The programme itself seems to work. The name of the sd card should be displayed on an lcd and creates a file on the sd card. If something fails, you get the information displayed on the lcd.


      Now the problem:

      I always get the the information that all steps that should have been performed had failed. So it seems there is no connection between PSoC and the sd card!? According to the datasheet, the connections are right. I also included the library.


      Read about that everything should work without any additional pull-up resistors. And since there is no comment about it in the sheet of the example I think with this point I am save.


      Searched the community here and found a topic where the wrong pins were used. Changed pins, no success.


      Does anyone have some ideas where my mistake is?


      Thanks in advance for some helpful input,