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    Riot-OS on PSoC5

      Hi all,


      I'm working on the porting of Riot-OS, a realtime OS, on the PSoC.


      I found information on GitHub of a first port on a previous release.




      Is this project followed by Cypress ?


      Is someone working on the topic ?


      Thanks in advance

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          Currently we are not working on Riot-OS PSoC5LP porting.We will publish the project in website if we have developed the project.





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            Might be great port it to the CY8CKIT-059 board, MCU seems to be almost the same.

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              Hello Jullien,


              I am Murat and mention port effort was made by me.  


              I was a Cypress Employee but it was a personal effort. (I asked upper management for an official port but response was not positive). 


              I started to port PSoC 5LP but this effort could not be completed due to license issue. 


              There were some conflicts between Cypress License and Riot GPL license. 


              But you can complete the porting. 


              Cypress processors have some challanges, first you need to handle them, for example, all other processors have constant register map, this is not possible in PSoC. PSoC also needs HW RTL code build for UDB's and it is hard to integrate this build process to Riot Build systems. 


              Instead of that, I created a PSoC Creator project and a primitive HW design for minimum RIOT requirements and included all Riot files into PSoC  Creator projects. So, in mentioned porting, I did not use RIOT build system. PSoC Creater was building RIOT OS. 


              My personal e-mail is mail@muratcakmak.net


              If you need help, you access directly. 

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                I was wondering if the port was successful and if it was if I can have either have it or have some pointers to how to do it my self.
                Any response will be greatly appreciated.


                Casper Andersen

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                  Hi Casper, Port was completed for the basic functionalities and I could run RIOT on PSoC 5LP. 


                  Mentioned page (https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/wiki/Board:-CY8CKIT-050-PSoC%C2%AE-5LP) should be enough for details. 


                  Due to license problem, we could not merge this effort into main line. 


                  You can access my effort from following link : 




                  Please look at "Pull Request" tab and see psoc5lp branch to see all of my porting effort. 

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                    Hi Murat,




                    can you explain the license issue? Which license applies for the 5LP and is causing the issue?