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    NRF51 to new PROc chip migration

      Dear Sir,


       I am currently migrating a NRF51 BLE application to new Cypress Proc chip (CYBL10473) with BLE 4.2 capabilities. But I have a data size pb of  the advertising packet, please check the attached picture showing 2 devices : "SmartPilot:3000D9B6" is a NRF51  (NordicSem) chip carrying 2+5+20+10= 37 Bytes, and "SmartPilot:2000280D" is a Cypress Proc chip only able to carry 31 Bytes. How can I configure correctly BLE advertising packet with Psoc Créator 3.3 ? Thank you.




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          To configure the advertisement packet, go to PSoC Creator and in the workspace explorer, in your project, go to TopDesign.cysch file. Double click the Bluetooth Component -> GAP Settings -> Adv Packets.


          As per the spec, the Adv Packets can be 37 Bytes = 6 bytes address + 31 Bytes data.




          -Madhu Sudhan

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            Thank you for your answer. Now I am following our chipr migration from NRF51 to new CYBL11473 chip. I would like that our existing Android/IOs application have the same behavour as the NRF51 chip. So please find my 2 attached pictures, one is the NRF51 sniff capture and the other is the PRoC sniff capture with our existing application. All writes are OK, but th slave i unable to read the data from the PRoC,  when I use "CyBle_GattsWriteAttributeValue()". Please help me how to use our application, tell me if some modification under our applications is mandatory.