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    PSoC Creator 3.3 Trojan Virus issues

      I've just upgraded to PSoC Creator 3.3, and am having issues to get it to run properly.


      Essentially, my antivirus software is detecting a Trojan virus (or behaviour similar to one) in psoc_creator.exe every time I try and run it, and is basically shutting the software down and wanting to disinfect it.


      I've allowed my PC to disinfect, then reboot, and it seems to remove a bunch of registery entries.  When I boot back up and try and run PSoC creator 3.3, it reinstalls it and the same issue arises.


      Any one else having this issue?


      Is there a chance the download of Creator 3.3 is infected somehow?


      Anywhere I can get hold of Creator 3.2?