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    RFID RC522  Library

      Hey guys, I'm reading about rfid module and try to connect it my psoc4 pioneer kit cy8ckit042.


      I'm pretty new in this area. In web is plenty of tutorials for arduino microcontrollers and all of them starts from downloading and installing lib. for RFID RC522 module. Is there some analogs for PSoC4 ? Or maybe there is some way to use or port arduinos lib?


      I want to use RFID via UART or I2C, but as I see UART is simplier. 

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          Hello Oleksandr Serdyuk,


          Output of  RC522 is digital, and either UART, SPI or I2C communication protocol is used to interface with RC522. It is possible to use PSoC4 to read the output from RC522 module. It is not possible to port arduino library here. I believe analog blocks are not needed for this application. Can you please clarify?




          Ramesh B

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                    I've seen different RFID reader, which sends data from card or key immediately, without some manipulations. But for this one is necessary to initialise it correctly and do something else. But I have no clear understanding of how and what to do in this case