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    Installing PScC Designer 4.2 on Windows 10



      I need to install an old version (4.2) of Psoc designer on windows 10.
      I encountered several problems while trying to install on 3 different PC's.
      I do know that I can use rev 4.4 to convert the project, and move to the latest version,
      but for now this is a non option since there are too many modifications required.


      After a long struggle, I found out on the internet that the registry settings for: BtfsDisable8Dot3NameCreation has to be 
      changed to "0". This did solve some problems.


      At this point, the installed Psoc Designer 4.2 seems to work OK using Cypress examples in assembly language.


      However, though I do have a licence for the C ImageCraft compiler 
      Any project containing C files fails at the compilation of the 1st C file.
      I get the message:


      iccm8c:  can't execute  'c:\program files\cypess microsystems\Psoc designer\tools\iccomm8c.exe' 


      Following the above appears Error 100 (that is most likely a result of failing to compile).


      Any suggestion is welcome and appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.


      Danny Braunshtein.

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          Hello Danny,


          I request you to contact Richard (support@imagecraft.com) of Imagecraft with your issue. I too will forward this issue to him.


          Thanks and regards,



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            Thanks Sampath


            I did contact imagecraft. This is their reply:


            I am sorry as PSoC Designer itself is a Cypress product, we have no idea what may be happening. The compiler itself should work fine, e.g. you can try to run this on a command line:   \path\to\iccomm8c foo.c
            where foo.c may be as simple as something like "void main() {}" to confirm that the compiler can run. However, I do not know what running under PSoC Designer may have on running the compiler.
            My advice is to just get an old PC running XP, or even a VM, it may save you lots of work trying to get an old piece of software to run on Win10.

            If this is indeed a Cypress product, as imagecraft claims, why is it so hard to look at it and fix it?