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    UART rx SetDriveMode Pull Up not allowed on 41xx ?



      I experience some strange behavior.


      Even if I set the Drive Mode in my code, this has no effect in the output.


      I need to set the Rx to enable the pull up mode as the input can be not connected.


      Here is the code snip:

      BOOL xMBPortSerialInit( UCHAR ucPORT, ULONG ulBaudRate, UCHAR ucDataBits, eMBParity eParity ) {     /* prevent compiler warnings because all settings are fixed in the UART Block */     (void)ucPORT;     (void)ucDataBits;     (void)eParity;     /* Oversample fixed to 8 */     uint32 divider;     divider = CYDEV_BCLK__HFCLK__HZ / 8 / ulBaudRate ;     UART_clock_SetDivider(divider);     ModBus_UART_Start();     ModBus_UART_SetCustomInterruptHandler(ModBus_RxTx_Isr);     ModBus_UART_rx_SetDriveMode(ModBus_UART_rx_DM_RES_UP);     return TRUE; }

      Does anyone had this issue?