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    UART Data Transmission


      We are trying to transmit data from UART code (provided by cypress) to our customized CyU3FX3s (3035 part number) board. We are unable to see the data transmitted on the UART Tx pin when connected to oscilloscope.
      Thanks in Advance.

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          Hi Shwetha,


          Is the code in our example firmware? or is it a customized code provided to you by Cypress? Are you using the UART for debugging purpose?


          Please note that CYUSB3035 part has two sets of UART Pins.


          When SPI Interface is not used, the the GPIOs 53 to 56 are used as UART Pins. When SPI is used, 46 to 49 are used as UART Pins. (Ref CYUSB3035 datasheet). Check if you are using the correct set of pins for UART.


          If you face further issues, please contact Cypress Tech Support.




          -Madhu Sudhan

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            Hi Madhu,


            The code in our example is firmware. And we are using SPI..hence we r probing at Uart pins 46 to 49 yet unable to see the data on Oscilloscope. I did contact Tech Support..but still waiting for their reply !!