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    PSOC 4M - CY8CKIT-044 current measurement jumper

      Hi, i bought one weak ago the PSOC 4M - CY8CKIT-044, and i have a trouble with the LCD and other functions like the PWM, in 5V, and the system is configure to work in 5V, software and hardware, in 3.3V i doesn't have any problem all the functions works fine, only in 5V the PSOC start to work with some problems, and one change i made to the board is change the current measurement jumper J14, to 1-2 and the PSOC (default is in 3-4)
      work fine but when i use the ADC to read a voltage measurement i have a big difference with the multi meter, like 0,3V, and when i back to 3.3V and the jumper in 3-4 the read is the same that the multi meter. another test i was doing is in 5V and the jumper in other configurations and all start to lock the PSOC.


      So any have the same problem? or a solution.






      PD: sorry for my english, is no my  language.

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          Welcome in the forum, Mario! (No need for excuses for language barriers, most of us here are not natively English)


          The reference for calculating ADC counts to mV is taken from a setting on System tab of .cydwr view when not set explicitly using an API. Did you change that to 5V?


          Jumper should be at 3-4 position as defaulted, your LCD might draw some current which will disturb power stability when there is a shunt resistor.


          When still in trouble, post your complete project, so that we all can have a look at all of your settings. To do so, use
          Creator->File->Create Workspace Bundle (minimal)
          and attach the resulting file.





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            Hi, Thanks for the quick answer, the LCD works fine when i use the PSOC in 3.3V with the jumper in 3-4, and also when in 5V mode, with the jumper in 1-2, only when i change the jumper to 3-4 or other configuration, the PSOC stopped work, i tried a PWM with the RBG LED in 5V with the jumper in 3-4 and same the RBG LED doesn't work, and change again to 1-2 and work.


            I don't know if the voltage of the PSOC in 5V is the right, because i was using a PSOC 4200 Pioneer kit CY8CKIT-042, and the LCD works fine in 5V, and the voltage that i see in the PSOC Programmer is a little more that 5000mV(5V), and in my PSOC 4M - CY8CKIT-044, the voltage always is 4800mV(4.8V), and isn't common that the PSOC with the jumper 3-4 stop to work.


            Still i´ll attach one of the projects.



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              Hi Bob, can i get some help with this topic, i need really need help with this, i´m worried that my PSOC 4, it has arrived damage, and i created a case but seems take too long.