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    What's difference bitween "cypress usb streamer example" and " cypress FX3 usb streamerexample device"


      Hello , I am confused on CYUSB3.SYS driver. Because I have to cyusb3.sys, one of which is created in 2012 and another is 2014.


      The 2014 cyusb3.sys is newest driver downloaded from web.


      When I install the 2012 older driver, "xferdata" command works correctly. However, when I install the 2014 new driver, the "xferdata(1GByte)" can not work and windows turns to blue screnn, where "WDF_VIOLATION" warning is showing.


      I found that the friendly name of the 2012 driver is "cypress usb streamer example" ,


      and the friendly name of the 2014 driver is "cypress FX3 usb streamerexample device" .




      So is there solution for me to solve this problem? I hope to use 2014 driver.