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    PSOC4 (ble) TCPWM doesn't continue after deep sleep

      Currently I'am working on my first PSOC (4 ble) project. Within this project I apply two TCPWM components for frequency measurements. From the documentation (AN92584, AN86233 and the PSOC 4 BLE TRM) I understand that the TCPWM components are kept powered up in the sleep and deep sleep power modes. Because of this I expected that I can enter deep sleep (frequency measurement isn't working then but that is okay), wake-up (on system tick from WDT) and continue using the TCPWM components. But this appears not to be the case because frequency measurements don't restart. After putting the components to sleep before entering deep sleep fixed the problem:




      My problem is that I don't understand the apparent mismatch between the information and observed behavior. Can someone please enlighten me :) A stripped down version of the project is included in this post.


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