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    Power level granularity in blecm_setTxPowerInConnection() and blecm_setTxPowerInADV()


      [On 5/30/2014, this entry was modified to enhance clarity]

      In SDK 1.x.x, the function bleprox_mod_Create() makes calls to blecm_setTxPowerInConnection() and blecm_setTxPowerInADV().

      Although SDK 2.x.x does not use bleprox_mod_Create(), we do see calls to the power control functions mentioned in thread title.


      Within bleprox_mod_Create(), we see the following comments:

      //default is 4dB

      // 3 , -1, -5, -9, -13, -17, -21, -25 db


      Question: What are the acceptable values to pass and how much granularity is there when controlling the transmitter on the radio?