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    Initialize S25FL127SAB correctly

      I am programming my new PCB with S25FL127SAB and I wish to initialize it correctly.  In particular I want to set up the configuration register for quad operation but do not want to waste any of the 100K erase/write operations etc.


      I have prepared a basic list and would like some help to complete the initialization from here:


      Desired setup and operations:




      Use 8 pin package
      Operate in quad mode (QSPI)
      Four byte addressing mode
      XIP mode except during initialize, erase and program operations








      Send device QSPI_COMMAND_XIP_EXIT_CODE (0xFF)
      Send device QSPI_COMMAND_RESET_ENABLE (0x66)
      Send device QSPI_COMMAND_RESET_DEVICE (0x99)










      Initialize microcontroller for QSPI operation 50 Mhz
      Call reset function (see above)
      Read and verify device information


      Send device QSPI_COMMAND_READ_ID (0x9F)
      Read Manufacturer – works OK =  0x01
      Read memory type – works OK =  0x20
      Read memory capacity – works OK =  0x18


      From here to end of initialization need Cypress help !!!


      Want to set for quad operation - set non-volatile once, not with each power on cycle


      Want to set up for 4 byte addressing


      Any other initialization that is needed.


      Thanks for your help !!!


      Steve Dillier


      HighPoint Design