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    Help with OTHER event codes

      I'm using UART to debug both the client and server side. Im using Auth+Encryption with DISPLAY ONLY I/O, so I'm formulating a passKey internally, and going to a Hids callback. On the console, I'm getting similar lines on both client and server sides when going through Authentication:


      EVT_GAP_DEVICE_CONNECTED: connIntv = 0 ms
      OTHER event: 0x33
      OTHER event: 0x29
      AUTH_COMPLETE: security:1, bonding:1, ekeySize:10, authErr 0
      OTHER event: 0xfa


      Though looking at Core, 0x29 means "Pairing with Unit Key Not Supported"  I don't understand that one nor how to remedy it.  


      Codes 0x33 and 0xFA I can't find anywhere.