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    radio notification event

      Hello PSoC community,


      I've built up a prototype board using the CYBLE-014008-00 that unfortunately suffers from noise coupling on an external sensor.  When the PSoC BLE radio turns on for connection events, noise is coupled into my sensor leading to false triggers on a digital comparator in the PSoC.  


      Does Cypress support radio notification events or intend to support this feature in the future?  I'd like to selectively disable the comparator for radio connection events.  Ideally an interrupt generator a fixed period before the radio event and one after to re-enable the sensor.  


      I believe sharan.avati_1560381 commented on this before and I didn't see a response from Cypress.  


      Nordic offers this feature and calls it a radio event notification.  It would be great if I could find a firmware solution as I've already assembled a board and really don't want to switch to another chipset module at this point.


      Thank you,