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    is there app note on how to build the android cysmart app


      I am trying to be able to build the cysmart app for android.  I have not done this before, and am looking for an app note,  all that is posted on the website is the actual source code, Great! but is only 1/2 of the equasion, 


        Android Studio Version 1.3.1
        Gradle Version 2.2.1
        Android Plugin version 1.0.0-rc2
        Build Tools Version 22.0.1
        Compile SDK Version API 18 (Android 4.3. Jelly Bean)


      I installed Android Studio,  Java SDK,  and tried to open the source files,  and the android IDE opens the files then give me an error/warning saying project should be converted to Gradle?    not sure what this means.