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    issues  configuring analog test pins for Analog compoent


      Hello Everyone, 




      I have been working on PSOC 3  for a while right now  my issue is 


      providing an analog input (from the Electric counter machine) to the PSOC 3 pin (GPIO) and it is working fine with the proper function


      but i would like to check the type of waveform present at the analog input pin using oscilloscope


      so i connected one analog Test pin at the same gpio input pin of the PSOC 3


      whereas the problem is whenever i connect the probe at the test pin PSOC  it is not functioning But  if i remove the probe from the test pin PSOC is functioning well




      could anyone please tell me what could be the issue behind this problem i was not able to find the real cause of this problem any ideas or help would be really helpful for me




      Thank you