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    UVC_AN75779 fails to work after I change the data-width to 32-bits.

      Hi Cypress, 


      I am experimenting with FX3 application note AN75779. 


      I use FPGA to replace the image sensor and removed all sensor related I2C transactions in FX3 firmware. 


      The FPGA generates 32-bit data and follows the FV/LV protocol in AN75779. With original fx3_uvc.cydsn I could stream in the LSB of my data. 




      To adjust for the data width I changed that to 32 bit in fx3_uvc.cydsn. I also changed step size in LD_ADDR_COUNT & LD_DATA_COUNT to 4. 


      It failed to work after that change. 


      What should I do now? 


      Thank you!