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    Using wiced_wifi_scan_networks() with multiple sockets



      I have created an HTTP server which uses multiple asynchronous TCP sockets such that there is always one TCP socket that is listening for a new connection attempt.  My issue occurs in both 2.4.0 and 2.4.1 with my SN8200 EVK.


      The issue I'm having arises when I am using wiced_wifi_scan_networks() and there is a request for a connection (my web browser likes to send another TCP connection request immediately after sending the HTTP request that initiates the scan).  Once this happens, I never enter my results_handler function.


      My scanning code is essentially the same as process_scan() in ../Wiced/internal/config_http_content.c, however I pass in a socket instead of a stream and create the stream inside of process_scan()  (I don't deinit the stream until the very end of process_scan()).


      Is this a problem that has been seen before?


      Thank you.