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    PSOC4 IR NEC Decoding


      Hello All
      Is there anyone, decoded NEC protocol of IR signal on PSOC4?
      I have preferred following website for deep study of NEC protocol,
      I have also tried to implement time period measurement,
      But unable to do so. As we need to count period of each and every rising or falling edge. There
      will be different parts as follows,
      1. 9-10 msec active high: wakeup signal
      2. 4.3 msec low: start recording data
      3. data part1: 560 usec active high: bit separator
      4. data part2: if 560 usec low: record bit as 0
                             if 1.6 msec low: record bit as 1
      5. repeat 3 & 4 till 32 bits data get recorded.
      6. error checking: first 8 bits should be compliment of second 8 bits and third 8 bits should be
      compliment of forth 8 bits.
      7. if no error found you will get your 32 bit data for particular NEC protocol based IR signal.
      Kindly update if anyone did the same before.
      Thank you in advance